About our Group

Who we are

IME Marine Group is a technical and business services organization, Marine Surveys Products & Services, Maritime Classification Society, Radio Accounting Authority and Law firm, with more than 14 years of experience in the maritime business, we are focus on been more than just a group of companies, we are here to be a solution to our customers for the long-term.

World wide presence

We are a global conglomerate with Headquarters at Panama and regional offices located at Shanghai (China), Dubai (UAE), Canary Island (Spain), Asuncion (Paraguay), Lagos (Nigeria) and operational offices throughout Latin America in Cartagena (Colombia), Callao (Peru), Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Curacao (Netherlands Antilles). We offer our clients a worldwide coverage.

Why choose us

Highly Skilled Professional Services

Our management team is comprised of leading industry experts with specialized in martime law & technical marine training: Administrators, Lawyers, Port Captains, Chief Engineers, Master Mariners, Naval Architects, and Marine Surveyors.

Quality Standards

At IME Marine Group of companies, we take our services very serious that’s why we are measure our standards throughout the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, we are duly certified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) QE and Global GROUP. To ensure that we are providing you with optimal service, every services and product is carefully reviewed by our highly prepare personal.

World wide Network

IME Marine Group of companies is prepare to provides responsive service to our clients through a global network of exclusive Attorneys, Engineers & Surveyors strategically located on all major cities and ports around the world.  We are ready to provide you service on a moment’s notice.

Multilingual professionals

Our multilingual professionals have been vetted, trained, and approved to offer a full range of services that are available 24/7, worldwide. We are capable to provide you with a personal level of customer service, faster response time and greater reliability


Our companies are devoted in the implementation of new technologies to accomplish the leadership in our fields of expertise, using high quality software’s tools and the best techniques in the industry, maintaining an in-house, managerial and technical support and research staff.


As an Independent association, our group of companies shall avoid conflicts of interest with any related entity in which it has financial or commercial relations and to which it is required to provide services, that is why we defined and maintains a strict impartiality policy.

We closely monitors through both internal/external independent & impartiality quality public and private audits, to avoid any conflicts of interest between the group companies and/or divisions engaged in different activities but which may be providing services to either the same client or each other.

Our Companies

IME Marine Group has four core businesses, which include OMCS CLASS (Overseas Marine Certification services) IME (International Marine Experts), Bierman Pautt (Law Firm) and Bright North Corp (Radio Accounting Authority).